Decorative candle wreath craft for 2018 Christmas     compiled by Only-for-you-Kids

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This Christmas, you can make your Christmas dinner table very special. And that too without much of an effort, by crafting a decorative candle wreath. Just remember to use your creativity. It will help if you can add your personal touches of gold and other natural colors that will glow in this table centerpiece. Remember that the lit candles should never touch the wreath, so from the time you lit the candles, make sure you are always present nearby. Now lets get on with this beautiful arrangement. You will need the following things:
                • Four Gold-colored (or paint them gold) candles.

                • Florist' wire

                • Strong Glue

                • Hydrangea head

                • Tiny Gold baubles

                • Berries, or rose hip

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Twist two lengths of wire around the base of each candle, leaving double ends of wire projecting downwards. Spear these wires firmly into the foam ring, spacing the candles evenly.
Stick nuts to the foam in attractive groups. Use your creativity and sense of beauty. Try with different styles.
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remember to refer this craft to your friends Add clusters of cones between the nuts. Twist wires around the base of cones that have no stalks, or use strong glue to stick them in place.
Fill spaces in the ring with hydrangea flower-est. You can also use other flowerets if you want. Just make sure that they suit your arrangement.
Stick the florets in place firmly with glue .
Add baubles and berries as finishing touches. You can also add your personal touches here as per your artistic tastes.
your candle wreath is alomost ready
Now your Candle Wreath is ready to be placed in the center of your Christmas dinner table. Remember to keep an eye over the candles when they are burning, and extinguish then before the heat reaches the base. Use a yellowish table cloth to suit the decoration.
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