This Christmas 2018, craft a Holy Table Arrangement for Christmas 2018  compiled by Only-for-you-Kids

Holy Table Arrangement is something special that you can craft this Christmas as well. It is very simple to make. It's even simpler for those who have gardening as a hobby or who simply like gardening. Just make sure you have all the items of the following list, and your creation will be ready in less than an hour. The following is what you will need:

  • A dry florist's foam sphere (styro foam)

  • Stick transparent tape (cello tape)

  • Small block of dry florist's foam

  • container

  • gravel

  • florist's wire

  • a length of gardencane (bamboo stake)

  • Holly sprigs

  • Artificial florist's pine sprigs

  • Ivy leaves

  • Real or artificial poinsettias

  • Narrow satin ribbons

  • Wide decorative ribbon for container


Insert one end of the length of the garden cane (bamboo stake) into the foam sphere.
Tape the free end of the garden cane with the end of a piece of florist's ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the entire length so that the stick is fully covered. Secure with a piece of tape at the base.
Insert the end of the garden cane into a piece of dry foam (styro foam) pierced in a decorative container. Fill with gravel so that the foam is well covered and cannot be seen.
Make a loop at one end of a length of florist's wire and individual holly sprigs. Also wire artificial florist's pine sprigs.
Push the wired stems into the foam to cover it evenly. Add wired individual Ivy leaves to fill any gaps. It is important that you take care to see that there is no gaps, else it would spoil the whole endeavor. 
Now insert the poinsettias into the gravel to disguise them. Tie a wide ribbon around the container. If you want, you can also add some ribbon bows to make the arrangement even more attractive.
 Now your Holly Table Arrangement is ready to be wooed by everyone. Make sure that it is properly attended to, and out of reach of very small children. Do not keep it near any source of heat or flame. Merry Christmas!
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