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Wonderland House | Candy Wreath | Fairy Tree Top | Gumdrop Trees
Snowman Can | Christmas Brooches
Welcome to a few interesting Christmas crafts. These crafts can be easily prepared with little or almost no expenses. Christmas is a festival which the family as a whole celebrates together. Crafts, together with decorations, help in a big way to set up the atmosphere for enjoying the festival all together. So kids! Get on with scissors and glues. You will quickly fall in love with these easy-to-prepare nothings, that will liven up your festival in this year 2018 . Just Scroll Down n Enjoy!

Wonderland House

Turn a simple shoe box a wonderland !
Select a fresh shoe box, and cut a rectangle shape in the lid of the shoe box. 
On inside of lid, tape a piece of white tissue paper (this allows light to filter through). 
On side of shoe box cut another rectangle shape (this allows you to peer through box). 
On inside of box, glue white or navy blue construction paper to the sides of the box. 
Glue fiber fill to the bottom of box. 
Streak glue on fiberfill and shake sparkles on it. This is the snow. 
Cut out old Christmas cards and position pictures like a winter scene in the shoe box. Wrap the outside of the box with pretty Christmas paper.
Your Instant winterland viewmaster is ready!

Candy Wreath
You will need: 

Green poster board 
Red yarn
Yellow poster board 
Double sided tape 
Assorted colored paper 
Small sprigs of spruce 
2 different size plates 
Yarn needle 
Wide red ribbon 
13 Individually wrapped candies 
1 Medium cup 
1 Large cup 

Take the green poster board and draw two different size circles using the plates to trace the circle. Cut the circles out and glue the spruce sprigs onto one side of the ring, to completely cover it. 

Take the yellow poster board and draw twelve small circles and one large circle using the two different size cups as a guideline. With the scrape paper draw and cut out twelve stars. Then place one star on each circle and place one piece of candy on each star and glue to the large spruce covered ring. 

Using the yarn needle make a hole in each yellow card circle. Thread the yarn through each hole and tie in a pretty bow. Make a hole at the top of the green circle and pull a piece of red yarn through the top hole to make a hanger. 

You will need: 
1 piece cardboard your choice color 
1 Silver poster board 
4 Popsicle sticks 
Various colored papers 
Assorted tiny beads or buttons 
Star stickers 
Yellow, brown tissue paper torn in stripes 
Felt various colors 
tiny stick 
Dinner plate 
Gold thread 
Embroidery floss 
Embroidery needle 
Scotch tape 
Cut a semicircle from the cardboard with scissors. Make the semicircle into a cone and tape to hold. Cut the top off the cone. Take the two Popsicle sticks and make into arms for fairy, then take tissue paper and fold and place over the Popsicle sticks to make sleeves, leaving the ends sticking out to make hands. Glue the Popsicle sticks onto the back of the cone making the arms. 
Take the silver poster board and fold in half and trace wings and then cut out. You should have a pair of wings joined in the middle. Decorate the wings with sequins or buttons and glue to the back of the cone. 

Cut a head and neck from the poster board. Draw a nose and mouth. Glue on beads or buttons to make eyes and tissue paper for the hair. To make a halo bead sequins or buttons together and wrap around head. Glue to hold in place. Then glue the neck inside the cone. 

Then decorate two of the Popsicle sticks for the legs and glue each leg inside the bottom of the cone. Then decorate the dress with stars and beads or buttons. 

You will need a 6-8" tall Styrofoam tree, a couple bags of red and green gumdrops, some u-shaped hair pins, toothpicks, and a miniature string of beads. Cut toothpicks in half. Insert a toothpick into the larger (bottom) side of the gumdrops. Starting at the bottom, stick the free end of the toothpick (with gumdrops already on) into the tree. Continue until the tree is covered. (Alternate method: glue gumdrops onto tree form.) Attach the beaded string in a "loose" fashion, fastening it to the styrofoam with the hair pins. Finally, hot glue a miniature star or angel to the top.

Snowman Can
Take an empty coffee can (with lid on) and cover with white construction paper or white fabric.
Glue on black buttons for eyes and mouth, and orange felt for nose.
Top with a small child's knit cap or old fabric remnants and tie off the top.
Add blush to her cheeks.

Christmas Brooches
1 c flour | 1 c warm water | 1/4 c salt | 2 ts cream of tartar | 1 ts oil | Food coloring of your choosing
Mix together the flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, oil, and food coloring. 
Stir over medium heat until smooth. Remove from pan and knead until blended smooth.  Place in plastic bag or airtight container when cooled. Will last for a long time. To make brooch (es), use cookie cutters that are Christmas-shapes (stars, snowmen, etc.)
Before totally dry, press pins into backs of brooches (buy the pins at a craft store).  When they are totally dry, paint them with your favorite Christmas colors.

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