Merry Christmas 2018: Kids Party Ideas     compiled by
"...Christmas Time
Mistletoe and dine..."

And add to this poinsettia and partying. Without parties Christmas fun is hardly complete.Don't you agree? 

The Christmas holidays are one of the coolest time for most of us. Perhaps it is also the most widely celebrated festival the world over. Christmas parties are eagerly awaited everywhere around the globe. Christmas is the time for fun, frolic and fizz with family, friends and feast. When it comes to a Christmas party, obviously all the spirit has to be there in abundance. It's nice to be a Santa host and welcome the guests in bright red and white. Or, if you like, ask someone else to put on the Santa outfit and the wig and to act like a Santa. Give him a big stocking and fill it with lots of candies and toys for the kids in the party. You can also have your party horns customized for the Christmas party, if you like. Just wrap the cones with designer papers imprinted with the scenes of Nativity, or with the motifs of Xmas evergreens and flowers. 

Finally wrap your party with lovely
And of course stash the party with plenty of:
sprightly games: take a print out of these motley party games like Santa hat games,  Xmas present game, and many more...
jokes: for party fun take print out of these jokes online and have a great time

quiz: Copy the questions and correct answers of this online Christmas fun quiz and tickle your buds' brain at the party.  
All are just to make it more lively and memorable and, of course, enjoyable.

Decoration Without Frustration
*Place the Christmas tree just outside the house. If you prefer to place within the house find the best viewing location and match it with your convenience. Filling can be done with apples, nuts, and marzipan cookies. Sparkling tinsels and popcorns dyed in bright colors and interlaced with berries and nuts also work wonder.
Yet another idea is to deck your Tree with all the cards you have received and make it a Christmas card tree.
The tree can either be placed in a relatively darker place or where the room illumination is maximum. If it is placed in a relatively dark place, then use a light focus placed near the bottom of the Tree so that illumination is from the ground level. Cover the light sources in such a manner that the beams do not fall directly on the eyes of the spectators. And make sure the Christmas tree is illuminated brighter than the the rest of the room or the corner where it is placed.
Well, lighting up the tree with strings of decorative mini glow bulbs of different colors can always be done irrespective of the type of illumination under which you are placing it

[for a more elaborate decoration see
Xmas Tree.

*Put up streamers, banners and balloons printed with "Merry X-mas" messages. 
*Hang all the lovely greeting cards to frame a doorway, mantle, stairway or pass- through.
*Hang colorful paper ribbons across the walls or the ceiling.
*Place different icons like poinsettia, holly, mistletoe ball in abundance across the room and on the dinner tables. 
Or you can use stickers. Fix them on to paper cups, place cards, balloons, or banners. 
*Set up a Nativity scene with the Babe in the manger and ask a notice to place all the presents around the manger.
*Tie tiny bunches of fresh herb sprigs with green garden twine or raffia and attach them to napkins.
*Nestle fresh apples, pears, oranges, lemons in with greens; add candles for an easy, elegant arrangement.
*Trim a pine bough garland with family snapshot cutouts and brightly colored ribbons. 
*Festive holiday lights called luminaries are simply paper bags (tops cuffed down) with a votive candle
(in glass is best) placed in the sand that fills the bottom. Decorate bags with paints and glitter, cut out shapes for light to shine through.
*Add festive bows to everything--easy and economical.
*The glow of candles will tie it all together when placed everywhere, even in the bathroom.

Save it up for the X-mas next:
**When you take down your decorations put each string of lights in a plastic bag and label them with their location such as "Mantle"," The Tree", "Door front" etc.
**Wrap just the covers of family gift boxes, elaborately, in your home decor colors, to be reused again and again.
The party spirit starts with the sending of invitations. So chalking out plans in advance is pre-requisite for success. Here are few tips to make your holiday party really enjoyable, yet safe at the same time:
* Plug no more than three sets of lights into one extension cord.
* Don't burn wrapping paper in the fireplace as it often contains metallic materials that can be toxic if burned.
* For added safety, anchor your tree by tying fishing line to the top of the tree and attaching it to a cup hook in the ceiling.
* Try to make it a 'no alcohol' party and make sure no alcohol is brought in by guests in the party room. Offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages instead. Send the invitation accordingly. 
But if you find it inevitable, never push drinks.
* Be honest when inviting guests who are known to drink too excess. Tell them that drinking and driving is unacceptable at the party. Get their agreement to find alternative modes of transportation.
* Plan lots of group activities -- like party games. 

* Schedule activities or entertainment to keep the focus away from any unwarranted happening. 
* Hold a contest for the guests to create

* Fill the party with nutritious dishes like vegetable dips, cheeses, finger sandwiches. For, they're good during cold. Also add X-mas special MENU(H-link) as accompaniments.
* Always give a thanks note to each of your guests in return while receiving the gifts. If possible have the thanks notes tailor made for each of them.
However, it would be great, inexpensive fun for everyone involved if you make it a Limit-the-Present-Price party. Set a strict, optimum limit on what each guest may spend on a gift. 
* Turn off the tree lights at night to prevent drying it out.
* Mist evergreens with water regularly to keep them fresh.

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