Christmas 2018: Test how much you know and enrich your spirit

How's about impressing your folks in the Season's party? Well, you could outwit the smartest of your friends with a few simple questions which go in perfect sync with the Christmas mood. But play it yourself beforehand. If you are correct on the first try, you score a point. If you don't, try out the other options to learn the correct answer. Score anything above 12 points, and you're Brilliant ! Best of Luck and happy Christmas quizzing!

Quiz for Christmas 2018 compiled by Only-for-you-Kids

correct on first try

Answer the questions below:

  1. Jesus is a Hebrew word. What does it mean in English?    
  2. Jesus and John the Baptist were related the same way as Mary was related to Elizabeth. How's the relation?    
  3. What comprised the Gifts of the Magi?
  4. What was the good Samaritan, of the parable fame, by profession?    
  5. What would you like to serve in your X-mas party with the theme "when Jesus was a boy"?    
  6. On Saturdays little Jesus would accompany his parents to.....    
  7. We have a few days to commemorate Jesus but we have a whole month commemorating this Roman of His time. Who was he?    
  8. History doesn't make it clear whether David, the King of Jews had any defect by birth. But David, the famous creation of Michael Angelo, has one (recently discovered)!
  9. In which year was the national Christmas tree planted in the D.C.?    
  10. At Christmas if you link 'luminarias' to New Mexico, to which of the following you'll link 'going around the star'?    
  11. Before this year had you placed a Christmas tree in your house, your fellow Americans would simply frown. Guess when.    
  12. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is written by...    
  13. Mistletoe, the kissing ball, nurtures an amazing variety of myth on itself. But in Anglo-Saxon its literal meaning is ...    
  14. There is a nice and permanent home for Santa in Wilmington, N.Y. Name the person who designed it.   
  15. In "Home Alone," a young boy is abandoned when his parents rush to a Christmas vacation in...    
  16. It is 'Flame Leaf' in the central states. But the whole of America loves it by the (last)name of the man who brought it in here. Name him.  
  17. Apart from the Biblical story of the Magi there is a nice story named Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. His real name was...
  18. Bing Crosby's White Christmas was set in...
  19. She is the world's first lady Bishop and is from the US. Her name is...
  20. Films like Aladdin, or the Lion King are just two of the smashing Disney hits of the recent past. But do you know this animator whose magical touch is behind most of the Disney classics in the last decade?