Christmas 2007 mazes for Only kids! 
Here are thumbs of mazes to solve. These games are meant for kids. These mazes attempt the exercise of the left part and the right part of the brain together, which is crucial for development of young minds and are hence, highly recommended. And it's simple too! All you have to do is to
click on the thumb of the maze of your choice and the image will load in a new window. Then issue print command from the file menu of that window. After the maze prints, you can close that window to return to this. Don't forget to note doen the instructions. Hope you will like these creations, and let others know about them.

The Boy wants to reach Santa's Place on the tip of the mountain, and he is lost. Help him find his way
Just color the dotted areas for a surprize!
Point out the different figures in the pictures, and then color them as you wish.