History of Christmas & associated Symbols

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Christmas is the most widely celebrated festival world over as well as the most popular festival globally. We have presented here not only the history, but also information on the different icons  that we associate with Christmas. You will enjoy thia. In fact, these things have become so common with the celebration of X'mas, when we see Santa  riding on a reindeer sledge with the stockings full of gifts and  candies; or the familiar coniferous green trees being decorated with tinsels and stars, and gingerbread and fruits; or houses being decorated with holly twigs and mistletoes - we know Christmas has come. For, these are what Christmas mean to us, at least symbolically. Let us now delve a little deeper into what they really mean and their association with Christmas:

Who is this santa clausSanta?What is this treeXmas Tree?
Why the
Mistletoe,and the christmas green!Holly? Or a prickly
Glastonbury Thorn?
Why poinsettia is achristmas flower!
Christmas flower?
What is so special about
And did the
christmas stars!Xmas Star really come bright on the night?
And ofcourse ~ history!The History Of Christmas

Xmas time is also the time to commemorate the birth of Christ Child with Nativity and caroling as it is also time for gift-giving, mistletoe and Evergreens, the roses and poinsettia, the cakes, cookies and candies. So take a peek at the following pages too:
Some Light on the dates of Christmas, Jesus, and Christanity