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What did the guests sing at the Eskimo's Christmas party ?
Freeze a jolly good fellow !
What party game did Jekyll like best ?
Hyde and Seek !
Did you hear about the man who went to the fancy dress party as a bone ?
A dog ate him in the hall !
What would you do if you saw Dracula, Frankenstein & The Swamp Thing ?
Hope they were going as a fancy dress party !
Why couldn't the butterfly go to the Chistmas ball ?
It was a moth ball!
How did the chickens dance at the Christmas party ?
Chick to chick !
Did you hear about Dracula's Christmas party ?
It was a scream !
Did you hear about the party with lots of fireworks, balloons & crackers ?
It went with a bang !
What did Dracula say at the Christmas party ?
Fancy a bite ?
Why couldn't the skeleton go to the Christmas Party?
He had no body to go with!
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