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Fri, Nov 01, 2018  
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Top Cards
1. Thanksgiving
2. Birthday Wishes
3. Friends' Birthday
4. Birthday Fun
5. Miss You My Love
6. Best Friends
7. Birthday Flowers
8. Love Poems
9. Roses
10. Belated Birthday
11. Birthday Smiles
12. Love Songs

Everyday cards
. Congratulations
. Get Well Soon
. Good Luck
. Good Morning / Night
. Happy Birthday
. Have A Great Day
. Hi / Hello
. I Am Sorry
. I Love You
. Missing You
. Sympathy & Support
. Thank You
. Thinking Of You
. Wedding & Anniversary

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Birthday Love
Love ecards
Friendship Everyday Cards
Everyday Cards

Still Available
November 2004
22 Stop The Violence Day
22 Hockey Day
21 Ratification Day
(North Carolina)

21 World Television Day

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Tuesday Toons
Tuesday Toons

Eat A Cranberry Day
Eat A Cranberry

[ Nov 23 ]


[ Nov 25 ]
November Flowers


[ Dec 25 ]

[ Dec 7 (Sunset) - 15 (Sunset) ]
Season's Greetings
Season's Greetings

New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve

[ Dec 31 ]
. Guru Nanak's Birthday . Hugs & Caring
. Friendship Fun . Sweetheart's Birthday
. Thanks Friend . Have A Nice Day
. Kisses For Your Love . Virtual Bouquets
. Keep In Touch . For A Friend

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Birthday Greetings Birthday Greetings Love Ecards Love Ecards
Sagittarius Birthday, B'day Wishes, Happy B'day, B'day Flowers, Bro & Sis B'day, B'day Fun, Belated B'day, more... Sizzling Kisses, I Like You, Mad About You, Love Poems, For Your Sweetheart, I Love You, Love Notes, Flirting, more...
Stay In Touch Stay In Touch Friendship Ecards Friendship Ecards
Thinking Of You, Send A Smile, Have A Nice Day, Say Hi!, Keep In Touch, Coffee Break, Goodbye, more... Best Friends, Friendship Thoughts, Hello, I'm Always Here For You, Special Friends, Hugs & Caring, Keep In Touch, more...
Everyday Cards Everyday Cards Family Family Ecards
Thank You, Good Morning, Sorry, Have A Great Day, Thinking Of You, Good Luck, New Job, Graduation, New Baby, more... Mom, Dad, Near & Dear Ones, Sons & Daughters, Brothers, Grandpa, For Your Husband/ Wife, Grandma, Sisters, more...
Flower Greetings Flower Greetings Wedding Wedding
Roses, For A Friend, Virtual Bouquets, For Someone You Care, For Your Love, more... Engagement, Wedding Congrats, Wedding Flowers, Anniversaries, Made For Each Other, more...
Encourage/Inspire Encourage/Inspire Cute Cards Cute Ecards
Diet, Support, Sympathy, Quotes & Poetry, You Inspire Me, Alcoholism & Drugs, more... Kiss Ecards, Love-Bytes, Heart To Heart, Smile Ecards, Angels Ecards, more...
Pets Greeting Card Pets Greeting Card! Religion Religion
Woof A Hi, Purr A Hi, Birds, Luv Pups, Aqua Fun, Pet Sitting, Loss Of Pet, more... Christianity, Bible Verses, Angels, Spirituality, Islam, Buddhism, more...
Sports E-cards Sports E-cards Gifts Greeting Card Gifts Greeting Card
Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Football & Rugby, American Football, more... Festive Gifts, Friendship Gifts, Romantic Gifts, Balloons, more...
Arts Arts Ecards Travel Greeting Card Travel Greeting Card
Love Songs, Poetry, Love Quotes, Paintings, Shakespeare, Happiness, Fairy Tales, Spanish, more... Romantic Spots, Bon Voyage, Across The Miles, more...
At Work At Work Food And Drink Food And Drink
Appointments, Farewell, Congrats, Thank You, more... Champagne, Beer, Chocolates, Ice Cream, more...
More Thanksgiving ecards
Thanksgiving (Nov 25)
. Happy Thanksgiving
. Turkey Fun
. Thanksgiving Family
. Thanksgiving Friends
. Formal Greetings
. Traditional Prayers
. Spirit Of Thanksgiving
. Thanksgiving Flowers
. Thanksgiving Kids
. Thanksgiving Love
. Thank You
. Thanksgiving Specials
. Home On Thanksgiving

. Autumn
. Thanksgiving
. Hanukkah
. Christmas
. Season's Greetings
...More Events

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